Helping Dairies Fuel - A Renewable Future

We partner with the farmer and plan for the long-run

CalBio™ digesters are built for generations to come. We design dairy-specific digesters to augment waste handling operations, save costs, and assist in the nutrient management process. CalBio operates the project, enabling the dairy to remain focused on its business.

We are able to provide full financing for a project or the dairy can invest and be an owner. The digester generates a new revenue stream for the dairy.

We work with 4Creeks and 4CG Construction to build proven digesters benefiting our dairy farmer partners.

Environmental Benefits

CalBio projects benefit the environment both globally and locally.  Working with the dairies we capture methane, a potent greenhouse gas, that currently is released into the atmosphere and use it beneficially. Our projects reduce CO2e emissions by over 1 million metric tons per year, and we are on track to double these CO2e reductions over the next three years.

One of the major uses of CalBio biomethane will be as a vehicle fuel.  When truck fleets convert from diesel to natural gas, pollution emissions are reduced by approximately 90%, a great and immediate advancement for air quality in California’s San Joaquin Valley and L.A. basin.


CalBio Projects

CalBio and 4Creeks have combined to design and construct the most modern and powerful digesters. With over 100 projects in development, our project knowledge helps lead the industry.