Biomethane Instrument Technician

Location: Hilmar, CA
Posted: February 22, 2024


California Bioenergy LLC (CalBio) is one of the country’s leading developers of dairy digester projects. Our projects generate renewable natural gas and electricity which is used as a vehicle fuel to power clean trucks, buses, and cars. Founded in 2006, CalBio works closely with local dairy farmers, the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC), the California Energy Commission (CEC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the dairy industry to develop projects that reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs), protect local air and water quality, create local jobs, and provide a new revenue stream along with other meaningful benefits to its dairy partners. Along with its affiliates, Midwest Bioenergy, Northwest Bioenergy, and Southwest Bioenergy, CalBio is undertaking the development, construction, ownership, and operation of dozens of dairy digester projects across the country.


California Bioenergy LLC is looking for Biomethane Instrument Technicians in Bakersfield, Visalia, and Fresno CA. Reporting to the Director of Maintenance, the Biomethane Instrument Technician performs skilled work that is necessary in maintaining a dairy anaerobic digester, biogas conditioning skid, associated digester, and upgrader plant equipment. The facility is composed of a digester, pumps, gas blowers, compressors, oxygen generators, condensers, chillers, and related auxiliary equipment. CalBio is looking to fill one position in the San Joaquin Valley area.


  • Inspects, tests, adjusts, and repairs electric, electronic, mechanical, and pneumatic instruments and systems used to indicate record, and control generating operations in conventional electric/gas generating plant: Inspects meters, indicators, and gauges to detect abnormal fluctuations.
  • Tests accuracy of flowmeters, pressure gauges, temperature indicators, controllers, gas analyzers, and other recordings, indicating or controlling instruments to locate defective components in the system, using test equipment, such as pressure gauges, pulse, and signal generators, multimeter, HART communicator, and RTD calibrators.
  • Traces out and tests electronic solid-state and vacuum tube circuitry and components to locate defective parts in analog and digital, protection, or monitoring systems, using test equipment, schematics, and maintenance manuals.
  • Removes defective instruments from the system, decontaminates, disassembles, and cleans instruments, and replaces defective parts, using hand tools.
  • Reassembles instruments and replaces instruments in the system, using hand tools.
  • Lubricates instruments and replaces defective wiring and tubing.
  • Calibrates readings on instruments according to standards and adjusts phasing and aligns stages to ensure accuracy of recording and indicating function.
  • Records calibrations made, parts and components used, and inventory of parts on hand.
  • Prepares schematic drawings, sketches, and reports to reflect changes or alterations made in instruments, circuits, and systems.


Performance will be assessed 90 days after initial hire, and then annually after that. Plant Operations will be measured against plant operating efficiency, uptime (reliability), and cost expectations. The successful operator will be measured against adherence to company policy and ability to drive sustained efficiency through personal effort, communication, teamwork, and ability to leverage external resources. Will demonstrate ability to pass the Biomethane Instrument Technician Assessment test with trainer.


  • Relevant maintenance and operating experience in an industrial or gas processing environment is desired.
  • Operational experience may be supplemented with military experience or training in a related field.
  • A relevant background in safety procedures/practices
  • Able to quickly respond to rapidly changing conditions.
  • Able to read, write and understand English is required. Spanish as a second language desired.
  • Able to read and understand mechanical and electrical drawings.
  • Able to analyze and interpret data and to make sound recommendations on plant conditions.
  • Fundamental proficiency in Windows-based applications (Outlook, Word, Excel and CMMS) on a PC or tablet required.
  • Valid driver’s license and ability to operate a motor vehicle in California is required.


Work locations are industrial and agricultural, primarily outdoors in the central valley of California. Temperatures range from 40 deg F in the winter to 115 deg F in the summer. Limited exposure to hazardous materials and/or toxic fumes will require the use of approved personal protective equipment. Regular exposure to heat, noise, flammable materials, rotating equipment, and other conditions normally encountered in an industrial environment should be expected. California Bioenergy will ensure all applicable work rules and safety requirements are closely adhered to.

This position will require heavy lifting (<50 lbs) and/or climbing ladder and/or stairs.