Field Technician

Field Technician

Position Purpose

Under the direction of the Lead Operations Supervisor, the Field Technician performs skilled work that is necessary in operating a dairy anaerobic digester, gas conditioning skid, and associated BOP equipment. The facility is composed of a digester, pumps, gas blowers, oxygen generation equipment, condensers, chillers and related auxiliary and balance of plant equipment. The Field technician is responsible for the proper operation of the digester, inlet and outlet process monitoring, equipment preventative and predictive maintenance, monitoring process operation and reporting problems to the Lead Operations Supervisor, provide accurate analysis and reporting under various process control parameters and the various programs that contribute to the overall operation and financial success to the projects to name just a few. The Field technician is ultimately responsible for protecting plant equipment and personnel by properly monitoring all plant processes in the field and conducting timely routine preventative maintenance when required.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Adheres to, and has full working knowledge of, the plant safety program. Works in conjunction with the Lead Operations Supervisor and other personnel to ensure that safe working practices and conditions are adhered to. Works with other operations personnel to enforce safety rules and procedures by assuring safe work practices compliance on a daily basis. Communicates with all personnel to stress the importance of a safe work environment on a daily basis. Will have limited oversight responsibility over outside maintenance and contractors to ensure that they are working in a safe and hazard free environment.
  2. Performs the necessary operating, regulating, and adjusting duties in maintaining proper control of process liquid levels, temperatures, process chemistry, and output of the plant operating equipment including the operation of pumps, blowers, and other related auxiliary and balance of plant equipment.
  3. Duties will also include operating oxygen generation and gas compression equipment, maintain gas and fluid flows in a multitude of process equipment and piping, adjust flows when required by plant operating conditions, operate gas handling equipment and clean strainers and wire screens as required for continuous operation, operate and maintain generated gas cleanup systems.
  4. Operate locally based computer operating systems for some sub-units within the plant.
  5. Respond to emergency in a prescribed manner.
  6. Be able to read and interpret plant drawings and operations procedures. Have a working knowledge of electrical one-lines and heat and material balance documentation.
  7. Perform functional tests and interlock testing as directed by the control room.
  8. Directly responsible for plant housekeeping programs and material handling safety precautions to ensure safe working conditions in the plant at all times.
  9. Coordinates and participates in the planning and conductance of preventative maintenance activities.
  10. Performs additional duties as requested or assigned by the Lead Operations Supervisor and/or senior management personnel.

Performance Measurement

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of and supports the plant safety, health and environmental programs in all shift related activities in the plant. Effectively recommends corrective action to eliminate potential recurrence of accidents/incidents. Actively and aggressively supports and promotes the philosophy of maintaining an accident/incident free work environment.
  2. Consistently challenges personnel, on a daily basis, on operational practices and procedures, preventative and predictive practices to promote plant and equipment efficiency, safe work practices, housekeeping standards, and promotes communications between operating personnel and supports maintenance personnel.
  3. Maintains effective and accurate operations documentation.
  4. Effectively operates the facility to limit or eliminate environmental non-compliance and personnel accidents/incidents. Equipment consistently runs at peak efficiency and within the operational guidelines of design.
  5. Utilizes experience and knowledge in the development of operational practices and procedures that support company and plant core values and goals.
  6. Effectively communicates with plant personnel to be demonstrated through peer and subordinate job performance review feedback on a periodic basis.
  7. Maintains an accurate record of all plant operational parameters and trends and effectively responds to unsatisfactory trends in a manner consistent with good operational practices in a timely manner.
  8. Maintains a clean and hazard free area of responsibility as demonstrated by periodic housekeeping inspections.
  9. Exemplifies and promotes all procedures and processes designed to eliminate discrimination in the work place in both our operations and in the selection of contracting and subcontracting personnel.


  1. Relevant maintenance and operating experience in an industrial or gas processing environment is desired. Operational experience may be supplemented with military experience or training in a related field.
  2. A strong background in safety procedures/practices and demonstrated ability to respond in a timely manner to rapidly changing conditions is favorable.
  3. The ability to read, write and understand English is required. Bilingual with Spanish as a second language would be helpful.
  4. Ability to read and understand mechanical and electrical drawings and to read, write and comprehend technical information is recommended.
  5. Must possess the ability to analyze and interpret data and to make sound recommendations on plant components.
  6. Proficiency in the use of Windows-based applications on the PC and Tablet environments is required.

Working Conditions

Incumbent will work with Calbio employees in and around our California office located in Visalia. Various working conditions will include areas where hazardous materials and/or toxic fumes could be present. Additionally, incumbent will be exposed to areas of high heat, loud noise, combustible gases, rotating equipment, and other conditions normally encountered in an operating facility/gas processing plant environment.

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