Lead Operations Supervisor

Lead Operations Supervisor

Position Purpose

Under the direction of the Director of Operations & Maintenance, the Operations Supervisor provides leadership and supervision to the Operations Department in the operation of dairy anaerobic digesters, gas conditioning skids and associated BOP equipment. As the operations team leader, the incumbent is also responsible for establishing and maintaining plant operating efficiency, supporting and enforcing plant safety and environmental policies, and maintaining direct lines of communication both up the chain and down the chain of authority in the plant.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Ensures adherence to the plant safety program. Advises and assists in the development and enforcement of safe working practices and conditions by providing education, adequate tools, equipment, protective clothing, and devices. Works with cluster operator technicians to enforce safety rules and procedures by assuring safe work practices compliance on a daily basis. Establishing operational procedure to ensure safe work practices are an integral part of daily operations. Communicates to the employees the importance of a safe work environment on a daily basis. Is an active and directive member of the safety accident investigation team and works in determining root causation of accidents/incidents and takes corrective actions to prevent recurrence.
  2. Directs dairy digester, pipeline, and gas upgrading and interconnect plant operations personnel to ensure resources are allocated efficiently and effectively to meet generating requirements and plant efficiency targets while warranting compliance with all local, state, and federal safety and operational environmental standards.
  3. Manages and ensures uniform application and technical correctness of the plant operating procedures and specifications. Prepares and continually reviews procedures necessary for plant operation and ensures operating personnel are properly trained and adhere to established procedures and practices.
  4. Prepares operational budgets and continually evaluates, schedules, and budgets the operations programs and recommends changes to optimize cost effectiveness, work quality, outage time and availability.
  5. Manages and directs the Management of Change program at the facility. Through this program, equipment accidents and failures are analyzed in an effort to improve equipment availability and performance to minimize maintenance requirements. Works closely with the maintenance and engineering team on root cause failure analysis.
  6. Works with the Maintenance Supervisor to schedule and supervise equipment inspections and the checking of protective devices to assure safe and continuous operation of all plant processes.
  7. Supervises and directs plant operating personnel in the use of the Safe Work Permit process, Lock-Out/Tag-Out and equipment isolation procedures, and the Confined Space Permitting processes. Is directly responsible for the plant housekeeping plan by directing and training the operations staff in follow-up and direct observation of all work conducted in the manufacturing and generating islands.
  8. Acts as incident commander during all incidents involving fire, hazardous materials incidents, lifesaving practices involving outside and internal rescue efforts and serves as a company representative to the outside community during such events.
  9. Acts on behalf of the company and owners in promoting and developing a positive image for California Bioenergy by participating in community events and information dissemination activities both during a crisis and planned company events in the community.
  10. Administers, in accordance with the company’s approved Human Resources policies and practices, an effective job performance review and salary administration program including the development and implementation of planned performance review objectives for the operations staff. Assists the Human Resource group in providing continuing feedback on Job Descriptions so that they remain an effective tool for evaluating and establishing continually improving performance standards.
  11. Performs additional duties as requested or assigned by the Director of Operations and Maintenance.

Performance Measurement

  1. Consistently supports and directs the plant safety, health and environmental programs in all operational areas of the plant. Is an active member in the plant Safety Committee and aggressively seeks determination of root causation of all accidents and incidents. Effectively implements corrective action to eliminate potential recurrence of accidents/incidents. Actively and aggressively supports and promotes the philosophy of maintaining an accident/incident free work environment.
  2. Provides a leadership role in the continuing development of the operations staff by promoting training programs designed to advance the operating staff skill levels in all areas of operation. Consistently challenges operating personnel on a daily basis on operating standards and procedures, best operating practices to promote plant and equipment efficiency, safe work practices, housekeeping standards, and promotes communications between shifts and operating areas.
  3. Maintains operations within budgetary and operational output targets on a continuing basis.
  4. Participates actively in community awareness and education programs within the community.
  5. Recurrence of similar or identical root cause accidents/incidents and equipment failures are minimized or eliminated.
  6. Utilizes experience and knowledge in the development of operations and maintenance plans that support company and plant core values and goals.
  7. Effectively communicates with both plant and owner personnel to be demonstrated through subordinate and owner job performance review feedback on a periodic basis.
  8. Minimizes or eliminates environmental non-compliances for other than equipment malfunctions. Minimizes equipment malfunctions, especially recurring malfunctions that lead or may lead to environmental air emission exceedances and/or liquid/solid/gaseous spills.
  9. Exemplifies and promotes all procedures and processes designed to eliminate discrimination in the work place in both our operations and in the selection of contracting and subcontracting personnel.


  1. Relevant compressor, generator, gas processing, SCADA, e-maintenance and /or gas transport and operating experience in an industrial or gas processing environment and experience in a supervisory role and demonstration of leadership skills is desired. A degree in either Mechanical or Electrical Engineering is preferred but operational experience may be supplemented with military experience or training in a related field.
  2. A strong background in safety leadership and knowledge of State and Federal environmental laws and regulations would be highly desired for this position.
  3. Ability to plan, coordinate and direct varied programs and tasks directly involved in the operational components of the plant.
  4. Strong oral and written communication skills are required.
  5. An understanding and working knowledge of gas or other plant performance characteristics, Management of Change procedures, budgeting and accounting practices, and Human Relations plans and programs is highly desired.
  6. Must be able to immediately and effectively respond in a decisive manner in an emergency situation.

Working Conditions

Incumbent may be required to work in conditions where hazardous materials, hydrogen sulfide, and/or toxic fumes could be present. Additionally, incumbent will be exposed to areas of high heat, loud noise, combustible gases, rotating equipment, and other conditions normally encountered in an operating facility/gas processing plant environment.
This position may require heavy lifting (<50 lbs) and/or climbing ladder and stairs. Incumbent will be required to wear protective respiratory equipment and must be able to pass the medical requirements for use. Personnel must be able to appropriately wear and care for a variety of Personnel Protective Equipment including, but not limited to, hard hats, safety glasses/goggles, hearing protection, face shields, and an assortment of respiratory protective equipment. This position may require the use of pressurized breathing apparatus. If so, incumbent must possess the pulmonary capacity requirements dictated by appropriate guidelines. Due to the nature of most operating systems and color coding of alarm and operational faceplates, the incumbent must possess the ability to pass a color acuity test.

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