For Dairies

Custom designs for your dairy

The CalBio is an ideal partner for dairies interested in digester projects. We bring together digester development and dairy expertise to create successful digester projects that integrate with milking operations. 4Creeks’ dairy knowledge comes from serving local dairy facilities in the San Joaquin Valley. CalBio’s background in business and years of work on state policies help us utilize important programs needed to support project economics. Our ongoing professional operation creates a reliable source of value for the dairy while letting the dairy stay focused on milking operations.

New Revenues and Operational Cost Savings

In all projects we create a new revenue stream. We utilize a variety of programs including California and Federal credit incentives and electricity programs. These include California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program and U.S. EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard. We also focus on decreasing farmer costs.

Manure, Water and Nutrient Management

We design projects looking at the near-term and long-term nutrient and water issues of each dairy. Digester designs reflect whether a dairy is currently land-constrained or may need to reduce double cropping over time. Digestion improves manure water streams compared to standard dairy practice. It increases the conversion of nitrogen to a plant absorbable form. Digestion also is an improvement over lagoon manure water for drip irrigation.