Meet the Team

  • Neil Black
    Neil Black President

    Neil has over twenty-five years of senior management experience and plays a key role in the operations, development and financing of CalBio projects. He has also played an ongoing role in the state programs, incentives and legislation to lead to successful manure-methane capture projects.  CalBio works closely with Dairy Cares, AECA, and other agricultural groups.

    It was also a founding member of the Bioenergy Association of California, and Neil was its first chairman. Working in partnership with the dairy industry, Neil was involved in the development of the BioMAT and is now focused on creating effective revenue programs for vehicle fuels. Prior to joining CalBio Neil was managing principal at GreenOrder, a leading sustainability firm, which worked with GE, GM and other large companies. Neil was also the CEO of two technology start-ups and president of The Nation magazine. He is an advisor to the Broadscale Group. Neil has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

  • N. Ross Buckenham
    N. Ross Buckenham Chairman and CEO

    Ross is a twenty-five year general management veteran and builder of technology ventures both public and private. His experience spans the renewable energy technologies of biogas, wind and solar. His has also built and run software and wireless technology companies being a board member, CEO or general manager in companies such as WebLink Wireless, Retek, CellStar and Advanced Oxygen.

    He was previously a consultant with Bain & Company. Ross is passionate both in his pursuit of California Bioenergy’s mission to become a large California focused renewable energy and clean tech company leveraging agricultural waste streams and also in developing “Level 5” leadership, operational excellence and exceptional customer service in himself and his management team.

    He has been an active member of dairy industry initiatives focused on the incentives to create a viable dairy biogas industry, including SB 1122 (the electricity BioMAT) and AB 1383 (providing fuel incentives). Ross has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering from Canterbury University, New Zealand.

  • David DeGroot
    David DeGroot Vice President 4Creeks / Strategic Partner

    Mr. De Groot, a co-founder and partner in 4Creeks, is a professional civil engineer in the Central Valley of California. For more than ​fifteen years he has leveraged his skills to assist both private and public entities with land development, public works projects, water resources engineering, and agriculture engineering. 4Creeks works with over 200 existing dairies in the San Joaquin Valley, assisting them with environmental regulatory compliance, CEQA permitting, building permitting, and expansions/remodels.

    Mr. DeGroot’s roles ​also​ include working with many public water agencies within the southern ​Central Valley as the district engineer, the assistant watermaster for the Tule River managing surface water rights diversions, Technical Lead for the Tule Subbasin implementing the state’s irrigated lands regulatory programs, Technical Lead for the Tule River Basin implementing the states Integrated Regional Water Management Program, and most recently assisting many Groundwater Sustainability Agency’s to implement the state’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act regulations. Mr. De Groot is a native to the San Joaquin Valley, having grown up and currently living on an existing dairy farm just outside the City of Tulare.